This tutorial is part 1 of this series.

Why use Apollo federation?

As a developer that has implemented a data graph using GraphQL and ApolloServer you may be faced with the question of how to manage an ever-growing data graph and the services that support it in an efficient and scalable way while achieving a true separation of concerns.

One option available is to utilise Apollo schema federation, which uses a Gateway to compose a single…

This tutorial is part 3 of this series.

In this section we’ll deploy our federated services into a kubernetes cluster managed by AWS EKS, our application containers will be rolled out with AWS Fargate 🚀.

Why AWS EKS Kubernetes service & AWS Fargate?

From an architectural standpoint, consider our original diagram from the first tutorial, where we have several interlinked applications. …

This tutorial is part 2 of this series.

In this section we’ll add the ability to retrieve crypto currency data from Coinmarketcap’s REST APIs using Apollo REST Data Source, and extend our Wallet API to use real data 🚀.

What is Apollo REST Data Source?

It’s simply a subclass that allows us to fetch data from a given REST API data source, in this case CoinMarketCap.

Why use Apollo REST Data Source?

We could use an HTTP client such as Axios or simply fetch…

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